About Us

Patriotchute is to empower others & assist them through the paradigm-shift known today as “The Great Awakening.” Through our experience, strenuous study & genuine compassion for others Patriotchute looks to bring people closer to each other by providing accurate, uncensored information to tear down the iron-curtain of illusion while simultaneously hoisting the banner-flag of truth & freedom!

Why You Should Join Us

We are a group of Citizen Journalist who watched the travesty of the 2020 election. We watched the mainstream networks censor and absolutely refuse to cover breaking news that showed the corruption and destruction of our civil liberties. We got together and decided to launch The Patriot Party News . We made a promise to each other and to you our readers to hold true to Conservative Ideals supporting our men and women in blue and in serve in our armed forces.
We have a strategic focus of informing the masses of voters. We believe that the constitution gives the power of government primarily to the people. The most dangerous thing to the government is an informed populace.

A Big Thanks

God Bless The Republic Of The United States Of America And God Bless You Patriots Because Without You There Is No Voice !